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  Acne Miracle: Clarifying Cleanser
  100% NATURAL Ingredients
  Antibacterial and Antifungal
  Kills bacteria for up to 10 hrs
  Deep pore cleansing
  Naturally Exfoliates
  Replenishes emollients
  Gentle, but very powerful
  Will not overdry or irritate
  No pore clogging ingredients
  No chemicals or preservatives

 $9.97 (plus S/H)
   Size: 4 oz.

DESCRIPTION: In order to effectively clear acne, you first must cleanse the skin properly. Most soaps and cleansers, including antibacterial cleansers, can only remove a small amount of acne bacteria. Within hours, the remaining bacteria multiplies and covers the skin. Our cleanser removes bacteria, gently exfoliates, and stops the spread of infection for up to 10 hours.  [Ingredients]

  Acne Miracle: Regulating Spray
  100% NATURAL ingredients
  Normalizes oil production
  Eliminates excessive oiliness
  Strong antimicrobial ability
  Helps fight clogged pores
  Refines enlarged pores
  Easy spray on application
  Wont irritate sensitive skin
  Improve skin tone & texture
  Helps pimples & blackheads
  Absolutely NO SIDE EFFECTS
 $12.97 (plus S/H)
   Size: 3 oz.

DESCRIPTION: Until now, effectively controlling the skin's oil production could only be accomplished with dangerous (and very expensive) antibiotics. This product, with the active ingredient (Isolutrol) extracted from a sea organism, penetrates the skin and works to control oil production.

Within 4-6 weeks, depending on acne severity, this product will eliminate excessive oiliness while refining your pores. A true breakthrough product. We also offer this product in a gel based formula, information listed below.  [Ingredients]
  Acne Miracle: Soothing Toner
  100% NATURAL ingredients
  Fights infection on contact
  Contains 4-5% active Niacinamide
  Nourishes & repairs skin
  Calms skin irritation
  Helps to heal damaged skin
  Powerful acne fighter
  Protection lasts for hours
  No harmful ingredients
  Fast results

 $10.97 (plus S/H)
   Size: 4 oz.

DESCRIPTION: Our toner product is one of those products that will make you wonder what you've ever done without it. This fine mist spray will cover your skin, nourishing the damaged areas, and immediately go to work on the acne bacteria. This product produces fast results!  [Ingredients]

  Acne Miracle: Acnicure Gel
  100% NATURAL ingredients
  Has (8) powerful acne fighters
  Contains 5% NIACINAMIDE
  Clears acne lesions FAST!
  Breakthrough formula
  Fortified w/ anti-aging nutrients
  This lotion has no equal
  Highest quality ingredients
  Highest potency available
  No harmful side effects

Acnicure Gel

 $15.97 (plus S/H)
   Size: 1.5 oz.

DESCRIPTION: Our topical lotion will become your best friend in no time. We use only the highest quality ingredients and natural botanicals. Fortified with 10x Concentrated Aloe Vera, Emu Oil, and multiple acne fighting ingredients makes this product the most effective, 100% natural, acne control lotion in existence - period!  [Ingredients]

In 1995 there was a double-blind study performed to compare the effects of a 4% niacinamide-based topical to those of a popular topical acne antibiotic. After 8 weeks, both treatments produced beneficial results with an 82% success rate with niacinamide gel and 68% success rate with the topical antibiotic. We use a 5% solution to enhance the formula...and this is only (1) of the (8) acne fighting ingredients!

Acne Miracle: Additional Skin Care and Acne Control Formulas

  Acne Miracle: 15% MSM Gel
  100% NATURAL ingredients
  Contains 15% MSM/Organic Sulfur
  Contains Alpha Lipoic Acid
  Helps treat acne pimples
  Helps scar tissue and repair
  Use to soften skin and wrinkles
  Prevent dry and brittle skin
  Highest quality ingredients
  No harmful side effects

 $9.97 (plus S/H)
   Size: 2 oz.

DESCRIPTION: Our MSM/Emu Oil gel is highly concentrated with 15% pure MSM, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Lecithin, and Organic Whole Leaf Aloe Vera. Fortified with Expeller Pressed Organic Jojoba Oil for additional skin soothing and enhanced dermal penetration.

There you have it, the most complete topical acne fighting system in existence. Acne Miracle is so effective because it attacks all the causes of acne: excessive oiliness, clogged pores, growth of acne bacteria and the spread of infection. Our system will also help clear acne caused by dry skin and harsh products.

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