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  B5 Complete
  100% ALL NATURAL Ingredients
  100% ALL NATURAL Flavoring
  Tastes just like fruit punch
  Eliminates vitamin aftertaste
  Powerful B5/Pantethine Blend
  Includes B-Complex Vitamins
  Includes 1,000mg of Vitamin C
  Includes 15mg of Biotin
  Includes 50mg of OptiZinc
  Purest ingredients available
  Highest success rate (92.7%)

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$39.97 (plus S/H)
(30 Day Supply)

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DESCRIPTION: B5Complete® takes over where all other "B5 For Acne" products leave off. This amazing formula contains all the essential B-Complex vitamins that are crucial to maintain balance within the body and to avoid potential vitamin deficiencies that may arise.

Our enhanced powder blend provides better and results than other other product of its kind. This incredible formula is guaranteed to change the acne-fighting industry forever!

[ Why not just B5? - Why not just Pantethine? - Why liquid vitamins? ]

  Hand held mixer
  Incredibly powerful drink mixer
  Instantly blends powered drinks
  Comes with replacement blade
  Carrying case included
  Compact for easy portability
  Step-by-step instructions
  (2) AA batteries (not included)

Powerful handheld mixer

$5.97 (plus S/H)

  B5 Blend with OptiZinc
  100% NATURAL Ingredients
  High success rate
  300g Bottle - 10g per day
  Metabolizes skin oil & bad fats
  Helps clear bodily impurities
  Strengthens immune system
  Helps fight stress
  Proven to work in medical study
  Purest powder available
  BEST VALUE anywhere

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$22.97 (plus S/H)
(300g - 30 Day Supply)

Compare our B5 Product
DESCRIPTION: Pantothenic Acid (B5) is the only supplement to be proven effective against breakouts in medical studies. The body uses B5 to help create Coenzyme-A. Coenzyme-A has the ability to break down the skin oil and allow it to flow freely without clogging pores or causing skin infections. Thin skin oil is essential for clear skin. B5 helps break metabolize, or break down, fats & toxins and flush them from your system.

Our powder is the purest form of B5 available in the marketplace today. Each daily dose also includes 50mg OptiZinc† - Zinc Monomethionine ($15 VALUE). OptiZinc† is the most bioavailable form of zinc you can buy, and has proven to be effective in combating skin disorders, minimizing scarring, and countless internal health benefits.

RECOMMENDED USE: 10g per day for first 90 days (up to 180 days for severe cases). From the 4th month on gradually lower daily intake to 5g per day (Maintenance Kit) to maintain clarity. B5 Gel should be applied 2 times per day (4-6 times per day for severe cases). 1 teaspoon = just over 3 grams of B5.

We strongly recommend that a basic daily B-Complex vitamin (B-50), and a minimum 10mg of additional Biotin (per 10g of B5), be taken alongside high dosage B5 therapy to avoid possible deficiencies and side effects (i.e. loss of energy, thinning hair, etc.). This is not necessary for those clients using B5Complete®.

While using an internal cleansing/flushing type product, especially one as strong as (high dosage) B5, there's a possibility of a temporary outbreak within the first 2-4 weeks of treatment. This is usually due to the flushing of bad fats, toxins, and excess sebum.

†OptiZinc® is a registered trademark of InterHealth Co. and is patented under U.S. Patents 3,941,818; 4,021,569; 4,764,633.

  B5 Topical Gel
  100% ALL NATURAL ingredients
  20% B5 Concentration
  Now w/ Niacinamide and Biotin
  Penetrates deep into skin
  Helps metabolize skin oil
  Helps refine pore size
  Clinically proven to work
  Perfect for use w/ B5 therapy
  BEST VALUE anywhere

B5 Topical Gel

$10.97 (plus S/H)
   Size: 1.5 oz.

DESCRIPTION: This gel was formulated based on the B5 medical study that suggested a topical B5 treatment. This gel contains 20% Pure Pantothenic Acid (B5) in a fast absorbing moisturizing base. Our formula now contains Niacinamide and Biotin for added strength. It packs a powerful punch when it comes to fighting acne deep within the skin.

Acne is not a topical disease. Although acne materializes as ugly red lesions on your skin, it actually originates from the inside and works its way out. It's essential that you're using an internal cleaning/clearing regimen alongside your topical regimen for maximum results and long-term maintenance.

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