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Acne Miracle: Our Background

Hello everyone, thanks so much for visiting our website. The Acne Miracle system was created from a dire need to find a solution to the acne problem. This system was originally formulated for personal use and not intended for resale. Acne was a serious problem and we needed an effective solution.

We were suffering from acne for years at this point. At times it wasn't as severe as others, but the possibility of attaining a flawless complexion seemed out of reach. You're always told that acne only lasts for a few years and then disappears after puberty. Well, somebody forgot to tell our acne that.

All of a sudden the usual red bumps turned into severe cystic acne. Now the acne was leaving deep scars after each breakout finally healed. Nothing was working, not antibiotics, not Accutane, not topical medications, and not dietary changes....NOTHING!

About 3 years ago we finally reached the breaking point and decided that we needed to find an answer to this acne nightmare. Bouncing around between Dermatologists only proved the point that they couldn't eliminate acne...they only know how to treat it (temporarily). Who wants to be a guinea pig for these doctors, being fed one dangerous antibiotic after another.

Up until now we didn't know any better. We were led to believe that Dermatologists knew the answers to the acne problem and all that was needed was a prescription for an antibiotic and you'd be out the door. Little do you know how dangerous these drugs were or how the Dermatology practiced really worked. You see, the only acne fighting information these Dermatologists receive is from the pharmaceutical companies that put these harmful antibiotics together.

There's no big surprise why this is the case, especially when you consider the funding these big pharmaceutical companies dish out on a yearly basis. Most Dermatologists end up becoming salespeople for these companies. Unless these companies give them an alternative approach to eliminating acne (fat chance), then all dermatologists can do is keep pushing harmful (& expensive) antibiotics. We knew that we needed another solution.

Not only are you taking a big risk while taking dangerous antibiotics, you're also allowing your body to build up a tolerance to drugs. That's right, pretty soon your body will become immune to the drug and the antibiotic will stop working.

After an exhaustive 18+ months of research into the inner workings of acne bacteria and the cosmetic industry we were ready to start creating products that we could use to help clear my skin. We based the system on proven research that has worked time and time again to remove acne bacteria (safely and effectively) while normalizing sebum (oil) production.

Our experiences were incredible. Within days the acne started to disappear. Also, our skin was actually starting to feel cleaner. It was such an amazing experience, being able to see and feel an acne fighting system actually working. All this without harmful antibiotics or side effects.

Within 3 months the acne disappeared! It was so amazing to see that the bumps were gone, only red marks remained from where those huge cystic bumps used to be. These, in case you've never experienced this, are actually scars. Your skin will heal itself and the redness will eventually disappear (3-6 months). The rest is acne history.

We decided that we needed to spread the word in order to help acne sufferers eliminate their acne problems once and for all. We wanted to show others that there is a way to finally take control of this dreaded disease. This is why we had created Acne Miracle and made it available to acne sufferers worldwide.

We believe, from numerous customer praises, that we have put together the most effective acne fighting regimen in existence today. It's our hope that you take the leap of faith and you give Acne Miracle a chance. Try it for the next 60 days and you'll see why we're so excited to be able to offer this system to you. We promise, and happily guarantee, that your skin will look and feel much better.

Listen, we know what it feels like to not want to be seen by anyone (including your family) when your face is a mess. We know what it feels like to be stuck in your house during severe acne breakouts, and we know what it feels like when people (including friends) make fun of your complexion. Thankfully, we also know how it feels to have a renewed confidence that we finally have the upper hand (the answer) when it comes to clearing acne. This is what we want to give to you.

...Thanks so much for visiting our website!

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Acne Miracle: Our Mission

Our mission is to help as many acne sufferers rid themselves of the acne nightmare once and for all. We're hear to spread the word about this amazing acne system to everyone we meet. We want everyone to know that there is a safe and effective alternative to expensive doctor's visits, harmful antibiotics, short-term results, and unwanted side effects. The answer is Acne Miracle.

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Acne Miracle: Press Releases

7/22/99 - Product Line Press Release (.pdf)
12/05/00 - Isolutrol Press Release (.pdf)
12/15/01 - Pantothenic Acid Press Release (.pdf)
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